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BATS!!!! #272918

Asked August 25, 2015, 3:23 PM EDT

Hardwick, VT I had had bats in my attic for past 5 summers and I'm scared to death of them (live alone). They wake me up swooping down by me in bed in the pitch dark. Last summer I spent considerable money to plug every hole from my bedroom and all upstairs to attic. This morning I found a bat in a mouse trap in my bedroom! It had been there a while, probably came during the heat wave last few days. PLEASE ADVISE on how I can get them out of my attic!! I leave on Sept. 2 for NYC and China where I work. I didn't write earlier as I thought they were gone forever! THANKS. Joyce Slayton Mitchell, 917 434 6852

Lamoille County Vermont

Expert Response

We recommend the following resources for bat questions:

(1) Vermont Fish & Wildlife "Got Bats?" website --

The following section of the website may be of particular interest to your situation:

If I have lots of bats living in my home, how can I get them out?

If you believe there are a number of bats living in your attic, basement, or living space, then you probably have a “maternity colony” of little brown or big brown bats. These species form large groups in the summer to raise their young in warm and protected spaces, such as attics. Big brown bats also sometimes overwinter in unheated attics and basements instead of hibernating in caves and mines.

The little brown bat is endangered in Vermont so harming, harassing or killing these bats violates the endangered species law and may result in large fines (with the exception of a potential rabies exposure). However, you can safely exclude bats from your home by following our Best Management Practices.

We are very interested in mapping house-bat colonies around the state and helping you to properly exclude bats if needed. Please fill out our Bat Colony Reporting Form and contact us at (802)786-0098 or (802)786-3862 if you would like a list of nuisance wildlife control professionals in your area.

Also visit to download a copy of the "Bats in Your House" brochure

(2) Contact USDA-APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) Vermont Wildlife and Rabies Hotline: 800-472-2437 or 802-223-6897

Cathy Yandow Replied August 25, 2015, 3:39 PM EDT

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