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what time of the year... #272706

Asked August 24, 2015, 6:51 PM EDT

what time of the year do pears ripen in Ohio?

Lancaster County Ohio

Expert Response

In fact, it's just about pear season in Ohio. Pears are in the process of ripening now,
and should be ready for picking. According to Ohio State Extension Fact Sheet HYG 5526-09, the best way to judge when a pear is ready for picking
(not the same as ripe) is by the color. It is best to pick pears slightly BEFORE they are fully ripe because they ripen from the inside out. If they are allowed to ripen on the tree, they will be mushy and starting to rot.

It is best to ripen pears in a cool, dry, dark, place. Done this way, pears can take up to a week to ripen sufficiently.To speed up the process you can put them in a paper sack or store they with apples or bananas,
both of which give off ethylene gas, the element that ripens fruit.You will be
able to tell when they are good to eat or cook with by pressing
lightly on the flesh near the stem If it gives slightly, it is ready. Pears overripen quickly, so be prepared to use them immediately after you determine
they are ripe enough.

Pears turn brown when cut, so be sure to coat them with a citrus juice such as
lemon, orange or pineapple.

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Sarah Vradenburg Replied August 25, 2015, 11:27 AM EDT

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