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Maple Tree Animal Infestation #272305

Asked August 23, 2015, 1:32 PM EDT

HI. We have a Red Maple tree in our backyard that has several leads. The center lead has been burrowed into by some type of animal. We asked an arborist from a local tree trimming service look at it and he said that there was decay in the main lead and that he saw evidence of mice. He said he knows that mice will chew wood but this was a first for him in this type of situation. We removed some trees, ground cover, vines and other vegetation from our yard a couple of weeks before noticing the woodchip pile below the tree and near the hole (about 36 inches from the ground) where the burrowing occurred. The pile of woodchips is quite large I can see them clearly from my back window. We would like to identify what is burrowing into our tree and how to get rid of it before it migrates to our home. What type of preventative measures can we take to prevent a migration? Once it's removed what should we do to prevent a reoccurrence? Thank you. V

Washington County Minnesota

Expert Response

Mice are always looking for a home and the best way to be free of them is to remove possible homes for them. Clean up vegetation near the house and seal any possible openings (holes 1/2 inch or larger. The mice did not cause the tree problem, merely took advantage of the situation.   More information can be found at

Dennis Mielke Replied August 24, 2015, 11:55 AM EDT

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