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Lawns and fertilizing #271075

Asked August 18, 2015, 11:59 AM EDT

I have always understood that the best time and possibly the only time to fertilize the lawn was in the fall. My lawn service has put down fertilizer in April, June, July and plans two more. They also put down crabgrass and weed control which hasn't worked one iota.  I am very disappointed with them. Are they treating my lawn correctly? This is a new house and new lawn. 

Also what would a correct re-seeding program be?

Ocean County New Jersey

Expert Response

It would be nice to know if your lawn is a cool season grass (fescue and/or bluegrass) or a warm season grass (bermuda or zoysia).Warm season grasses are fertilized during the summer months. Cool season grasses are fertilized in early spring and mainly in the fall.The type of fertilizer weather it is a slow release or quickly available nitrogen will determine the frequency of application.See the attached link.

It is cool season grass, fescue, I think.  I would die if it were bermuda grass.  I've had dealings with it in North Carolina and Virginia.  Please, no bermuda grass !
The link you gave is very good.  Does all that apply to New Jersey also?
The Question Asker Replied August 18, 2015, 1:26 PM EDT
Generally yes, but you should contact your local Extension office to see your local recommendations. Here is a link for them:

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