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Need a tall barrier on property line #269967

Asked August 13, 2015, 5:42 PM EDT

Is it okay to grow bamboo in Anne Arundel County if I use containers? I'm 100 yards from the Chesapeake Bay. I need something that will grow fast and dense (neighbors yard is trashy and I'm tired of looking at it). Can you recommend a species that grows high? Thanks for your assistance

Macomb County Maryland

Expert Response

Running bamboo is a terrible invasive and we cannot recommend it. It is designated as a non-native invasive plant in Maryland. Even when "contained", a bit of root can escape in a hurricane or other event, but it usually just escapes and becomes the bane of the neighborhood.  We get many questions about how to stop this out-of-control plant. 

Shrubs grow faster than trees, though Leyland cypress is a fairly fast grower.(But it gets very tall, and if you don't want that much shade--or its width--don't plant it.)

 You don't mention whether this is sun or shade, sandy or clay, wet or dry. You need to match the plant with the site, otherwise it will be miserable and not do the job for you. Your best bet is to go to a good nursery and talk to them about your site's requirements.  See what they recommend.  (You can always buy at a big box store, too.) 

 Hollys, yews, arborvitae, and junipers are among the faster growing evergreens.There are many varieties of each of these.  Read the tags carefully for height, width, and site requirements.  No matter what you choose, it will take a few years to block the view. 


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