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Trees dripping yellow sap #266556

Asked July 31, 2015, 9:48 PM EDT

Several unknown trees are dripping yellow sap. I noticed that a few are dying. Please help me while there still few branches alive.

Clay County Virginia

Expert Response

From the photo it looks like this is an elm tree. The “yellow sap”  is most likely slim flux or “bacterial wet wood” which is fairly common but not detrimental. here is a web page link to the problem.

The tree has several limbs of equal size growing out of the main tree trunk at basically the same place. As these branches grow all together it can result in wood structure/anatomy that ends up restricting flow of water and nutrients. This may be causing some branch die back. I would recommend you have an arborist take a look at your tree. Depending on the tree size, age, and overall health, they may be able to do some pruning and possibly remove one of the branches similar in size. It is hard to see everything in a picture, so try to locate a local arborist that can help you.  This web link will let you search for an arborist.


William Worrell Replied August 04, 2015, 9:43 AM EDT

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