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Curling, deformed growth #265738

Asked July 28, 2015, 9:27 PM EDT

I live in Baltimore City. But I garden at our week-end house 10 miles south of Harper's Ferry, W.V. Starting about a month ago, I observed curling deformed growth on the top growth of my small sunflowers, on new leaves of my forsythia, on zinnias, and even on milkweed plants. I will attach photos below. Any idea what this is? And most importantly, how to prevent it coming back next year? Thanks, 

Jefferson County West Virginia

Expert Response

Based on your photos it looks like the plants were subject to possible herbicide damage. Symptoms can involve distorted, discolored,  or curled foliage, etc. This usually happens when weed control spray drifts only nearby plants. More than one type of plant may be affected and symptoms usually appear on one portion of the plant or plants. At this point all you can do is see what recovers or declines.  Keep the plants well watered during dry periods.  Monitor the plants for any additional symptoms. 
See our website for more information on herbicide damage                                                                                       

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