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Blackberry Pests #259251

Asked July 04, 2015, 11:43 PM EDT

I am having an extreme problem with Stink Bugs destroying my blackberries. I am trying to grow an complete organic garden and can't seem to get rid of them. I have tried spraying them with mint sun tea, stink bug traps that didn't work, and some kind of fly that is suppose to lay their eggs in the bug and kill them, all to no avail. Is there some kind of organic pest control that will help me? I am at whit's end and will try anything! These are hybrid thorn less blackberry plants. The bugs don't seem to bother wild blackberries. Any suggestions would be much appreciated !! Thanks, Mike

Klickitat County Washington

Expert Response

WSU's Hortsense has a great article about controlling stink bugs in your berry plants.  It also includes a list of insecticides that may be used, including one organic insecticide.  I hope this helps you!
Alice Slusher Replied July 04, 2015, 11:58 PM EDT

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