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How can I get rid of bamboo? #259027

Asked July 03, 2015, 1:19 PM EDT

I cannot kill my bamboo. It is going to take over next door neighbor's land and I will be taken to court. It will not die. Used 100% glyphosate and tree root destroyer repeatedly. It keeps coming all over the place.

McLean County Outside United States

Expert Response

Dear gardener,

Thanks for contacting us, however please understand that we are in North America where the growing conditions and laws regarding pesticides may differ from yours. 

Invasive plants are generally very difficult to control. Many have extensive root systems and/or other means of spreading aggressively. But virtually all plants require photosynthesis in order to survive. Your goal should be two-fold. First, weaken the plants by repeatedly cutting as much foliage as possible. Plants will use a lot of energy to regrow leaves in order to obtain energy from the sun. 

The second step (after cutting back the foliage at least a couple of times), is to allow some new growth and then spray with an herbicide such as glyphosate (assuming this is legal in your location.) Tough plants with lots of food stores in the root may require several applications of herbicide. Follow the instructions on the label carefully. They should specify the intervals to apply the product. 

Regarding the use of glyphosate, you indicate that you use it at 100%. Please read the instructions to see the recommended dilution rate. Using pesticides that are too strong may actually be less effective than the proper rate of dilution.

Lynne Marie Sullivan Replied July 06, 2015, 11:18 AM EDT
That was so kind of you to tell me all of that. I do spray the glyphosate every couple of days, and as you suggest, when I am using the ride-on mower, I slice it off, and when it grows back a bit, carry on with the glyphosate. I cannot tell you how much I have come to hate this plant, well almost a forest from one little plant. When I sprayed it daily with recommended dilution of glyphosate it didn't touch it, it simply carried on as if I had never done it. I have never known anything like it. When I chopped each single stem off at the ground with a tree branch loppers, those half to 3/4 inch stumps will pierce anything including tyres, my shoes and poor dogs feet. I am going to have to try using my angle grinder (meant for cutting through stone or metal) to try and remove that last small stump. I am afraid of cutting through the roots which look like large finger bones, because it will simply carry on towards neighbour's land and I won't haver access to those roots to try and poison it. I have thought of bleach, boiling water, all sorts. I think this bamboo is what inspired that book/film about triffids.
The Question Asker Replied July 06, 2015, 6:04 PM EDT

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