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How to safely remove egg sac? #251525

Asked June 07, 2015, 10:37 AM EDT

I've had a spider living in my bathroom for 6 months now which I'm perfectly fine with. From what I can tell it is an American House Spider, very docile will let me get very close and even clean underneath her web. She recently has laid 2 egg sacs and I read online that she will produce between 100-400 offspring per sac. Now I don't have a problem with spiders at all but I don't have room for 800 children! Is there a way to safely move the egg sacs or what should I do here?

Anoka County Minnesota

Expert Response

As you have found, your American house spider is nothing to be overly afraid of, and it if has been living in your bathroom for 6 months, it has been finding plenty of small gnats and other bugs to keep it happy and produce some eggs. However, if you do not want to have baby spiders wandering through your home, the simplest solution is to remove the eggs and dispose of them or take them outside. Use a pencil or other small stick to gently poke at the female spider so that she crawls away from the eggs. Her self preservation should be more important to her than defending her eggs sacs.Then you can reach in with some tweezers or perhaps even twist and wrap up the eggs and some of the webbing on the end of the pencil or stick and pull the eggs out of the web. Don't worry about destroying her web, the spider can always make a new one if she continues to stay in the area. You can simply dispose of the eggs, take them outdoors, or place them in a jar if you want to see if they will hatch. If they do hatch, you can observe them for a few days at most, then they should be let go outside in your garden. Most of them will not survive, but that is nature's way. But some may find a safe place to stay or even eventually find a way back into your house. And even though you are used to your female spider in the bathroom, it is possible that by disturbing the web and removing her eggs, she may decide to move elsewhere.

Gary Parsons Replied June 08, 2015, 9:34 AM EDT

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