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We will be having an outd... #248785

Asked June 01, 2015, 1:34 PM EDT

We will be having an outdoor party but have so many knats that I can't see how anybody would want to stay outside. Do you have any natural home remedies that would discourage them from our yard yet not have any negative smelly side effects

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

You may be able to lessen their impact by being aware of the source of the problem. Like mosquitoes, they need water to reproduce. Look around for standing water and empty it. Possible problem spots are landscaped and/or heavily mulched areas or low-lying areas in the yard that remain extremely wet following heavy rainfall, overwatering, or a leaking outdoor water spigot. Correcting the problem may be a matter of repairing a leak or correcting drainage problems in that area (e.g., grading and/or contouring the area or using gravel to allow water to drain properly).
If you have standing water you can't or don't want to drain, use 'mosquito dunks', which look like little donuts and deliver Bt, a natural and safe larval control.
Another option which works is to set up occillating fans to keep the air moving.

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