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Cantaloups #246646

Asked May 23, 2015, 2:28 PM EDT

what i would like to Know is what variety of Cantaloups are grown in Pecos they taste so Good..I live in Lamesa,Texas will they grow here or do i need another Variety of Cataloup and any other advice in Gowing Cantaloups,I am the Building Manager of a retirement center and we are starting a Garden for the Retired folk here,Thank you for you time.

Dawson County Texas

Expert Response

Thanks for the question.

True Pecos cantaloupe production has steadily declined over the last few decades.  With regard to taste alone, ask almost any old timer that used to grow them and they'll tell you that its the soil and not the variety that is important.

Pecos soils are loaded with potassium.  Potassium causes the sugars to accumulate in the melons.  Water quality is important too.  Ground water in that part of West Texas is rather salty.  Water with high solutes is not easily taken up by plants and therefore the sugars in the Pecos cantaloupes don't become diluted.

Retired County Extension agents Debbie Frost and John Begnaud developed a recommended variety list for fruits and vegetables in West Texas.  The cantaloupe varieties that Debbie and John recommend are Magnum 45, Ambrosia, Mission, Caravelle, Minnesota midget, Uvalde and Perlita.  

The best Spring planting window for any variety of cantaloupe in West Texas is between mid-April to mid-May.  
Jeff Floyd Replied May 29, 2015, 1:44 PM EDT

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