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arborvitae damage #240520

Asked April 29, 2015, 6:07 PM EDT

I have an arborvitae and it is losing its greenish from the bottom up. It is halfway to being completely all brown 
please advise, is there a fix to this problem?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Expert Response

We can think of nothing that would routinely and/or definitively cause death from the bottom up on arborvitae.  The insects and diseases that arborvitae usually get do not usually behave like this.  It is unlikely that there is a  spray that is going to fix it.  Keep in mind that arborvitae branches could have died long time ago and only now turn brown. Check for bagworms, root damage.   It could be winter damage, common after last winter. Scratch the bark with your fingernail. If there is no green underneath, those branches should be cut off. After removal of dead material, you may decide that it is so ugly that you will want to replace it. vw

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