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Good day!We have a few pe... #232685

Asked March 24, 2015, 3:57 PM EDT

Good day!We have a few pear & cherry trees - apx 5-7year old in our Montreal home garden .Is there a way to accelerate their growth by enclosing with a plastic greenhouse -like cover ,spotlights,electric heat blowers?Is there a way to warm up the roots?Thanks Chaim Tanny

Arapahoe County Outside United States

Expert Response

You ask an interesting question.
While traditional greenhouse growing of trees is not possible, there are some farmers working with high tunnels with cherry trees. This is not for increased growth, but to try and prevent brown rot which is a problem in our area of the mid-Atlantic.
Our fruit and vegetable specialist said that these trees are well-suited to grow in your area and they need their cold, dormant period to produce fruit. We don't recommend trying to enclose or heat them up.

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