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Good Evening. I'm writin... #231535

Asked March 17, 2015, 6:08 PM EDT

Good Evening. I'm writing to inquire about our pond that sits on our 2.74 acres in Galloway Ohio. Our lot is adjacent to a horse pasteur and receives drainage from rain and groundwater. I do not treat my pond nor am I aware of any chemicals that may have entered the pond. My question is what could've killed all the grass carp and bluegill in the pond. We noticed them floating and many on the bank of the pond on March 17, 2015. Any suggestions and thoughts on next steps to revive the aquatic life would be helpful. Thank you in advance, Evan Longstreth

Franklin County Ohio

Expert Response

Greetings, Evan, and sorry for your misfortune.  Most substantial fish kills are a result of a dissolved oxygen crash.  Oxygen crashes can be caused by inversions of a stratified pond or prolonged shading reducing the activity of photosynthesis by plants and algae.  Did you have prolonged ice cover this year, and when did the ice finally break?  Did you have a recent influx of runoff that clouded the pond water?  Feel free to phone if discussing details would facilitate the conversation.

Eugene Braig Replied March 20, 2015, 12:18 PM EDT

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