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Feral Hog Control in Texas #231062

Asked March 15, 2015, 12:10 PM EDT

Why does the latest update (Sept 2013) show trapping methods that have been proven to be ineffective in long term feral hog control?  It is problematic to go to an expected authoritative website and see such antiquated methods being displayed.  I've witnessed that the methods your article suggest do nothing but teach these extremely intelligent animals to avoid both corral and box traps with poorly designed trap gates and drop trigger strategies.  Until all serious landowners learn about what Jager Pro has done in Georgia (and now Texas)with focused systems to capture entire sounders (even the smartest of the sows), these ineffective methods will be continue to proliferate. 


BTW, I am NOT a supplier of any feral hog control devices, equipment, weapons, poisons, etc. etc. - just a landowner trying my best to promote wild turkeys, song birds, beneficial snakes, insects, clean water streams, etc. etc. - the antithesis of the results of the endemic feral hog problem


Lavaca County Texas

Expert Response


I appreciate your willingness to promote wildlife and habitat management through reducing feral hog populations on your property. The Feral Hogs Community of Practice (CoP) is a collaborative effort between natural resource professionals throughout the United States. The information included on the site is research-based, non-biased and does not promote any commercial interest. The techniques included on the website can be referenced back to scientific research.

With that being said few if any research efforts have evaluated remotely triggered feral hog traps. Thus you have identified an area of research need. I have addressed this need in my article High Tech Hog Trapping: Incorporating Technology into Feral Hog Trapping which was published in August of 2013.

As new research on these techniques becomes available I am certain that the results of these efforts will be shared on the feral hogs CoP website. Until then we should remain vigilant in our efforts to reduce feral hog populations to the best of our ability.
Mark Tyson Replied March 17, 2015, 9:08 AM EDT

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