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for beef and mutton increasing of animals? #229548

Asked March 04, 2015, 2:40 AM EST

helo , i am Atif from south Asia.
i need to know from last year to know about enzyme concentration(xylanase,mananase,phytase,protease,amylase,celulose,lipase,beta glucose,apha galactose,p nitrophnyl,).
i have 300 calves for beef purpose, 290 bucks for mutton purpose. i am feeding alott but they don,t get too heavy weight . so i want to give them feed additives(which increases their feed efficiency). please tell me patent combination of enzymes for getting more heavy weight like ste

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Expert Response

Enzymes like xylanase and cellulase
The results have been inconsistent at this time. Enzyme addition appears to be more efficacious in barley and forage based diets.
Other products
MicroCell & ProTerpative SF
BIozime has several dead yeast and other products
Alltech has Amaize and YeaSacc :
Diamond V has a yeast product as well called XP
Biosaf made by Saf Agri

Stephen Boyles Replied March 18, 2015, 10:59 AM EDT

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