Vaccinations for Pasture Pigs and Piglets #228330

Asked February 20, 2015, 11:52 AM EST

Two days ago my family farm had a litter of 8 piglets and I wanted to know if there was a recommended set of vaccines that you use and/or know of specific to our area? We are raising a small herd of pasture pigs and have had some coughing with our feeders and gilt. With our new litter we want to make sure that we are vaccinating them appropriately to our area. Is there a recommended vaccinations that you use? If so, does it come in a combo vaccine or do I need to purchase each vaccine on their own? The only information I have found online was an article from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System – Vaccinations for the Swine Herd ( I am wondering if there is any information that you would recommend?

Clackamas County Oregon

Expert Response

Please see the image. Also, for breeding stock, give 5-way lepto at 4 months and 5 months. Pigs on dirt need regular deworming - roundworms may be causing your coughting issue.

Chuck Estill
An Ask Extension Expert Replied March 02, 2015, 1:27 PM EST

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