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Off-the-grid sustainable farm #228161 - Ask Extension


Off-the-grid sustainable farm #228161

Asked February 18, 2015, 4:40 PM EST

I have developed a sustainable farm that centers around biochar and bio-oil. I am trying to find a biomass machine that is small and mobile. I figure a machine that can process 1 ton of biomass a day would be enough to run the sustainable farm. I have been working with Kurt Spokas from the U of MN since 2009, I have developed a charge biochar that he ran tests on. Currently I have found a char machine from Biogreen-Energy in France and it appears you can control the temperature at which you produce the char or bio-oil but it uses electricity. Agri-THERM Inc. has a mobile char machine but I can't get a response from them. I also found a company, Cyclone Technology, that claims if it burns, their engines can run off it. I want to be able to produce bio-oils to use Cyclone's to power the sustainable farm. I also want the ability to produce quality charge at lower temperatures. Now if you add an aquaponics greenhouse system that can produce 25,000 lb. fish and fertilizer and 75,000 lb. produce, a biomass power plant that produces bio-oil, biochar, heat, and electricity, you have a sustainable off-the-grid farm. I am trying to make this farm a model as well as an education center. Any help you could give me would be wonderful.

Washington County Minnesota

Expert Response

This question has details that go beyond the scope and abilities of this forum. Please contact a local expert in alternative and agricultural energy in Minnesota. A place to start is Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships. Or, continue to work with Kurt Spokas.
Frank Wideman Replied September 28, 2015, 5:54 PM EDT

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