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teenie, tiny slugs??? #227693

Asked February 13, 2015, 3:54 PM EST

We live in agriculture land....infested with what appears to be miniature slugs or worms.....all over our porch, encroaching on our exterior walls....In the grass....good heavens they are all over. Lived here for over 30 years never seen this before. Could the farmers be spraying something that is affecting our property??? Don't know who to call, we don't even know exactly what they are. We also are infested with "noles" I think that's what they are called....not moles....but small criters that make holes all over our acreage. We have animals, don't want to poison them with stuff that might not work. Who do we call??? Please help

Washington County Oregon

Expert Response

One possibility is that you are seeing recently hatched baby slugs from eggs that were laid during the winter. But, from your description of where they are, I suspect they aren’t slugs at all.  Further, most likely the creatures are seasonal, perhaps related to our recent moisture, and will go away of their own accord. To identify them and learn what you might be able to do to speed their departure, please send one or several digital images in a reply to this message.  Or put at least 6 in a secure container and take to the Washington County Master Gardener office, in the Public Services Building, Suite 200, 155 N. First Ave., Hillsboro, 97124; or call 503-821-1150, extension 2. Hours: weekdays 9 to noon and 1 to 4; closed holidays.


I suspect that instead of “noles,” the critters are voles, also called meadow mice.  Their populations increase dramatically during some years due to the prevailing weather and will decrease for the same reason.  This publication discusses management: Meadow Voles and Pocket Gophers http://www.cals.uidaho.edu/edComm/pdf/PNW/PNW0627.pdf They’re easy to trap.

Jean R. Natter Replied February 23, 2015, 6:20 PM EST

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