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Asked February 02, 2015, 9:33 PM EST

Hi, I want to start selling hand crafted furniture made from wood on my land in PA. I want to know the regulations to follow for selling the furniture here and other states. Insects, bark, and other things that wood carry are concerns of mine. I plan to kiln dry the wood and then seal it with several coats of finish. I'm just getting started and would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Thanks, Cliff

Lycoming County Pennsylvania

Expert Response

I am going to check with someone I know at the PA Dept. of Agriculture and get back to you.

This is the response that I received:

.There aren’t rules just for making wood furniture, unless you are in the TCD (Thousand Canker Disease) quarantine. Live edge walnut species must be debarked and kiln dried to be included in finished wood. If it air dried, it still must be debarked and the bark managed by burial or burning. The furniture would also need to have some finishing application of poly, finishing wax, etc.

 With what Cliff describes, he will be fine. Finished furniture is not considered to be a regulated article. If he wants to bring in walnut from an infested state, he would need to contact me for information and permit.

 While there are no regs specifically, we always recommend to use kiln dried materials.

Tim Abbey Replied February 11, 2015, 8:48 AM EST

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