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Backyard Chickens #225260

Asked January 22, 2015, 11:25 AM EST

I live in Junction City, and the city currently has an ordinance prohibiting the raising of any type of poultry within the city limits. Do you know of any other cities in the state of Oregon that forbid the raising of backyard chickens? I know that Eugene, Hillsboro, and even Portland allow it, but we are trying to present information to our city counsel to see if we can get the law changed, and were hoping that you might have some of this information easily at hand. Thank you. -Eric

Lane County Oregon

Expert Response

This seems to be hit and miss across the state, some do and some don't.  Some of the recent "battles" (5-6 years back to more recent) to allow poultry in city limits include, Gresham, Salem, and Aumsville,  I would simply start by approaching the members of your city council individually to see if any are wiling to discuss and bring up the issue.  You will need ask citizens that are in favor to testify when needed, and realize there will be opposition due to noise, odor, and dust.  The yea or nay opinions tend not be be swayed by science, economics, or food production.   It is a quality of life issue.

Good Luck
James Hermes Replied January 23, 2015, 12:25 PM EST

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