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Not User-friendly #223541

Asked January 02, 2015, 12:11 PM EST

I set a new password which was nine characters, but got a reply that "password does not match existing password" or something like that. I could not get in because I did not have a password, but when I tried to set one the system said I did, but the new one did not match. Do not understand. Probably just me. The location selection below does not offer district selection. I am assigned to the Southwest District of Extension in MS as Regional Agronomic Specialist. Is there a way in which I might be able to post my weekly Field Notes articles?

Clackamas County Mississippi

Expert Response

Ernie, could you tell me which website you are trying to log into?  Is this an eXtension account at

Lawrence (expert) Lippke Replied January 06, 2015, 9:43 AM EST
Good morning,

Were you able to get in?  You can go ahead and reset your password again and see if it's just a typo.  I mistype mine regularly (2 times this morning!) so if you reset it once more (on the you can click "forgot password" and it will walk you through a reset).  9/10 times the issue is a typo.  Make sure your username is your user@your.domain.

2.) Can you set your region?  When you set up your account, you set a county you are in as a point of reference.  That just helps with the smallest unit of reporting.  However, if you sign up in the Ask an Expert ( you can select multiple counties that you serve that represent your region.  That way you can answer questions for your entire region.  In your People profile, it just allows you to set a single county in which you are "stationed" in.  

3.) Can you post your weekly field notes article?  We recommend posting your local notes on your local website domain and then using things like Twitter, FB, Linked In ect.... to drive people to that local resource.  Sometimes the best practice for those if you don't have a blog space on your local website is to create that for free and use that as a resource.  However, maybe your field notes are questions that you get/answer on a regular basis.  In that case, you CAN submit a common  question to the Ask An Expert (i.e. - what is the best herbicide for XYZ in the XXX region to be applied in the winter) and then answer it yourself in the Ask An Expert System  (making sure to make the question PUBLIC and give it some regional tags).  I can help show you how to do that if you would like.  Sometimes specialist use the the Ask the Expert system to post common questions and answers because you can always add to the question, people can continue to look up and comment on PUBLIC questions, and since PUBLIC questions have a unique URL, you can share them in other places on the web.  A great way to provide information both to the public and other specialists.  Works really well if you don't have a local way to post things.

Let us know if you have issues with the login after trying to see if its a typo issue.
Amy Hays Replied January 06, 2015, 9:45 AM EST

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