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native grasses of shelby county #223513

Asked January 01, 2015, 9:44 PM EST

I would like to plant native grasses in my horse pastures to counteract the fescue and bluegrass which are making my horses overweight and presenting metabolic issues and signs of laminitis.

Shelby County Kentucky

Expert Response

There are limited options for native grasses in Kentucky. You could try some of the native warm season grasses such as Bluestem but it is difficult to establish. I have asked the forage folks at UK for other options but have not recieved a response at this time regarding forages that might be useful in your area.
The other options are to manage your horses on pasture by restricting access to grazing to limit intake or to muzzle them while on pasture.
What other feeds are you using with your horses and how active are they.
A good pasture that has a solid stand of grass limits weeds and is often the goal. However when horses are overwight and prone to metabolic issues the alternative is to minimize access to pasture, use of a dry lot where grass hay with a lower nutrient profile is fed and as mentioned the use of a grazing muzzle.
Can you let me know more about your horses by sending the following information to me directly at
Age and breed, gender estimated body weight and activity used for.
Bob Coleman
Robert Coleman Replied January 05, 2015, 11:16 AM EST

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