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Hello. I had a bagworm i... #222105

Asked December 08, 2014, 7:42 PM EST

Hello. I had a bagworm infestation in 2013 in Boonsboro, MD, and it killed half of my arborvitae. In 2014, it looks like the tree is slowly growing back. What can I expect as far as regrowth being likely, is there anything I can do to increase growth, and about how long the tree might take to fill in again? Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Frederick County Maryland

Expert Response

Regrowth depends upon how much damage your tree has sustained from the bagworms. If the interior needles have been eaten or gone do not expect growth in the interior. Look for new growth from the tips. The tree may put out a little bit of growth each year but may never completely fill in. You will have to wait and monitor for bagworms next season and keep the tree well watered during dry periods. See our publication on bagworms http://extension.umd.edu/learn/bagworms-hg32

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