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Do you know any farmers t... #221392

Asked November 28, 2014, 12:29 PM EST

Do you know any farmers that uses EM 1/Effective Microorganisms on their fields. This can be bought but its quite expensive and there are websites that offer a recipe. I am starting a flower farm and getting all the materials ready for spring, it is not cheap so I am finding other alternative to improve the soil. I am planning to have compost delivered, but need something to condition the soil afterwards. Thank you. Beth

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

We don't know of anyone in our area who is using EM-1 nor has the University done any research on the product, however, we are aware of it and it's popularity in some areas of the world.  
From our limited knowledge of it, EM-1 would certainly not harm the soil or the plants therein, On the other hand, if you amend the soil with good quality compost and apply additional compost each year, you should have adequate microbial activity in the soil. Making your own compost from plant material on your property will also help to ensure the appropriate microbial population.

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