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Pastoral acreage per head of beef cattle #219562

Asked November 05, 2014, 7:07 PM EST

To rotationally graze beef cattle, how many acres of pasture are needed per head? And what is the regeneration rate of foliage?

Wallowa County Oregon

Expert Response

Hi There,

The answer to your question very much depends on your local soils and environment plus the type of livestock you raise. See Determining Your Stocking Rate ( This requires measuring the "actual" forage production.

You can also check the "potential " productivity of your pasture under HIGH management at . If you need help getting your map and data, go to the USDA Service Center in your county and ask for the NRCS office or go to the Soil and Water Conservation District.

Typically, you only graze half of the animals you determine with your initial estimate and then build your herd as you see that your pasture can accommodate more. Learn more about forage and grazing management.

For more assistance, please contact your local OSU Extension Service office and ask for John Williams at 541-426-3143.
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Shelby Filley Replied November 06, 2014, 2:49 PM EST

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