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Moles Voles Shrews #219529

Asked November 05, 2014, 3:49 PM EST

I have about 400 pounds of their poop mainly black round quarter inch pellet size in grass .It doesn't decay.I tried lime ammonia bleach castor oil soap rat poison electronic sonic repellents all did not work.My garden plants and trees all dead and grass holes you sprain your ankle in. Space is 1 acre.I have 2 dogs and even they are afraid.I even see cement foundation and bottom of concrete slab edges eaten.Is the poop dangerous What should I do? All neighbors have same problems.Home Depot now has an entire section for these critters.Please call 516-483-0333 or 5166161946.HELP.They make noise at night and in the flood lights .Also saw 2 huge pinkish possums walking on pvc fence. Racoons had 5 once I put up barbed wire and gone .I smoked out squirrels living inside tree with smoke bombs.

Nassau County New York

Expert Response

I tried calling both numbers and got no answer. I'd like to see pictures of the piles, I suspect it is topsoil that moles,voles or shrews have dug out of the tunnels they run in. They are after the white grubs, which are the larval stage of the Japanese beetle. Opposum, raccoons and skunks will also dig for the grubs as a food source. You need to control the grubs, but you are too late for that this fall, they have already buried themselves deeper than any treatment will go. We have a great fact sheet on our website at Penn State that I will also forward to you. To rid yourself of the moles voles or shrews you need to rid yourself of the grubs. J
Jeff Fowler Replied November 05, 2014, 7:02 PM EST

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