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Best Poison to control mice #218639

Asked October 28, 2014, 1:46 PM EDT

I live in an old county farm house in Boulder County and have been over run by mice. I have tried plugging holes and trapping but it seems to be making a very small impact on the overall problem. As the weather is now turning colder I am seeing more and more mice showing up inside my house.... I need to act fast to swiftly to end this. I want to put poison out, but am a little concerned about second generation poisons which may do harm to my dog or a bird of prey if they were to capture a dying mouse. What advice can you offer on this? Thank you.

Linn County District of Columbia

Expert Response

We understand your frustration and you seem to be doing all the right things. Older homes with suitable habitat are more challenging and can take longer to control.
Are you plugging holes with either steel wool or fiberglass insulation?
Have you used many traps repeatedly to get contol with a good bait like peanut butter with oats and dried fruit? It may take a while to put a dent in their populations if it's been a long-timeĀ  problem. Try to get rid of or protect any food, water or shelter they use.
We don't recommend poisons for the reason you mention, other than in a place like an attic where other animals do not go.
If all else fails, consider hiring a professional pest control company that specializes in wildlife.

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