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Assistance needed for my niece and nephew #218520

Asked October 27, 2014, 2:23 PM EDT

I am receiving temporary custody of my niece and nephew at the end of this week so their mother can go away to a long term substance abuse treatment facility. I have been told by social services that I am unable to receive assistance from the state to care for them because my fiancée "makes too much money", I am unable to receive the non-needy parent grant because we don't want to take their mother for child support because she will not have an income while in treatment and this will only make it more difficult for her to get on her feet afterward, and I am unable to receive assistance through the kinship program because she and her children reside in Maryland so there is no DYFS case open in my home state, where her children will reside, in New Jersey. I do not know where to go next. We have a daughter of our own and are the only people in the family who can care for her two children as I am a stay at home mother. However, we are just making ends meet as it is, let alone adding two more children to our household who have no clothing or toys to speak of. If there are any resources for someone in our position, I am open to suggestions, please. Thank you, 

Salem County New Jersey

Expert Response

There are several national resources that might be able to assist you with managing your finances during times of financial distress.  The HOPE NOW Alliance includes a number of credit counseling organizations that provide credit counseling, debt management, and foreclosure prevention counseling services. To find a HOPE NOW credit counselor in your area, see Another national resource with local connections is 211.  Either call this number or go to Individuals calling 211 are able to speak to a trained information and referral specialist to find out about specific community resources in their area. Another source of information about community services and public benefits is your local Family Services (also called Social Services) office. 

Barbara O'Neill Replied October 28, 2014, 8:33 AM EDT

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