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Wells - Coliform present #217795

Asked October 21, 2014, 12:57 PM EDT

We are trying to settle on a house in new castle county. The well has failed the test for total coliform. I'm wondering what the next steps might need to be on the treatment of the water and if this is something where the well will just need to be re-shocked until it passes. I'm just wondering what my options might be and what I should request the builder do to fix the problem.

New Castle County Delaware

Expert Response

Unfortunately I do not know what the real estate regulations are in Delaware as I am in Pennsylvania.  However, if you do a shock chlorination and re-test 7-10 days later and the bacteria is gone, then you likely took care of the problem. If, after re-testing, the bacteria is still present then there is likely a more long-term problem there such as surface water contaminating the well, a nearby leaking septic system, a pasture, a dog kennel, etc. that could be contributing the bacteria to the well.  In this case, you would best be served by having some type of permanent treatment installed such as an ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria as it enters the home.

Dana Rizzo Replied October 28, 2014, 2:43 PM EDT

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