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kermes scale infestation #212635

Asked September 16, 2014, 12:03 AM EDT

I planted a Northern Red Oak five years ago at my home in Denver, CO. This summer kermes scale appeared, and has made a significant presence on the tree. I want to use a product to control it's existence. What is the name of a product that works well here in Colorado? What business carries this product? I have been looking at Bayer Tree And Shrub insect control at Home Depot, but none of their products indicate that they control Kermes Scale. The information that is available indicates pyrethoid insect ides & imidaclopid should be present in the solution. Is this correct? Bill Heurlin

Denver County Colorado

Expert Response

Northern Red Oaks often become infested with Kermes scale.  

The Bayer product you reference contains imidacloprid, but in a lower concentration for sale as a "homeowner" product.      If you use it, apply according to label directions.  Avoid use where there are nearby flowering plants that might attract honeybees.

It may be better to contract a tree service to inject imidacloprid (Merit) into the soil around your red oak.    
Consider additional approaches to Kermes scale control:  have tree service apply a "crawler spray" (permethrin) in Oct when eggs hatch and crawlers are seen on twigs. Dormant oil application in Feb. will smother any surviving scales. 
Robert Cox Replied September 16, 2014, 1:50 PM EDT

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