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Killing slugs #209364

Asked August 27, 2014, 5:22 PM EDT

I have nice strawberry plants yielding beautiful berries. I believe slugs are eating them. They are completely caged in 1/4" wire, so it's not birds, rabbits etc. they are eating chunks out of them as soon as they turn red.  Trying beer traps tonight. Could it be slugs? Or something else?  How do you kill slugs?

New Castle County Delaware

Expert Response

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From what you have described it does sound like slug damage – they love strawberries and fruit in general.  There are many home remedies for getting rid of slugs and here are just a few suggestions:

You can use boards or flower pots throughout the garden.  Set the boards off slightly off the ground (approx. 1 inch) by resting them on a piece of wood or a small branch.  The slugs will crawl underneath and when you lift the board you can scrape them off and destroy them.  Do not use salt in the garden as it can raise the salinity of the soil and cause a whole bunch of other issues with your plants! 

The beer traps work but they only work in a small area, a few feet or so.  Traps should be deep to prevent the slugs from getting out.  You can purchase traps such as these at garden supply stores and they are a bit more effective than using beer.

Hope this helps and don’t be surprised when you receive a short survey about this service.  We just want to know if you found it helpful and welcome feedback to improve how we answer questions.

Good Luck!!

J.W. Wistermayer

UDNCC Master Gardener

J.W. Wistermayer Replied August 28, 2014, 2:41 PM EDT

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