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Autism #205417 - Ask Extension


Autism #205417

Asked August 08, 2014, 4:52 AM EDT

My six years old daughter is (Autistic) and i think she will not do well at school, Where I can find an (IEP) for her ? either private or public service  

Polk County Outside United States

Expert Response

My two sons now 16 and 13 have Asperger which is a form of autism. I can only speak to my experiences and what has worked for my guys. It was so shocking when at 4 my son was diagnosed. I did not wait for the local Hospital evaluation because the wait was 9 months. I took my son to a child psychiatrist and paid out of pocket.  I it was money well spent!   The diagnosis is key to public school services because of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. You must be your child's advocate because it is likely few others will pop up to champion your daughter. Often autistic kids are labeled as behavioral problems in the classroom because of their quirks to bright noisy smelly scratchy hard soft quiet....   I spent hours calling people in our school district asking what felt like stupid questions but I did get a lot of answers. The diagnosis will help define the IEP. My kids were observed and tested during the school day beginning in kindergarten.  Do not wait for the school to notice your daughters differences. It may take some time to get the IEP and build your team of Occupational Therapist Speach Therapist and Physical Therapist but early intervention is key. All provided by the school free of cost to our family.  Also look into local support groups for parents. Having someone who can empathize with your experience and share tips is very helpful. I wish you well!   My guys are doing well and integrating socially something I never thought would happen for my oldest.   Check out a few web sites like Autism Speaks and the National Center for Learning Disabilities. 
Laura Warren Replied August 08, 2014, 9:47 AM EDT

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