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Why are my Techny Arborvi... #201978

Asked July 24, 2014, 11:29 AM EDT

Why are my Techny Arborvitae branches turning brown and the trunks split? I planted a treeline 3.5 years ago that are techny arborvitae. The treeline has thrived and put on a lot of growth. I have noticed that 3-4 of the trees are getting very brown and appear to be dying. All the other trees appear dark green and healthy. When I pulled the branches apart to see what the problem might be, I noticed that the trunks of those limbs are cracked down to the wood. Is that the problem? What would have caused this in just a few of the trees? I did lose a couple of evergreens last winter because of the severe cold. I have never fertilized any of the trees, but make sure they are watered regularly and do not go into the winter dry. What is causing this problem?

Wright County Minnesota

Expert Response

We feel this is winter damage (perhaps snow load).  And, yes it can be a problem as any opening in the bark can allow pathogens a entry point.  Prune out the dead wood and continue what you are doing.
Dennis Mielke Replied July 26, 2014, 8:19 PM EDT

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