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Asked 2014-07-08 01:15:26

Can you tell me what is wrong with this spruce tree? This may be a black hills spruce but I have some white spruce with the same problem. Is there something I can treat the trees with? Thank you.

Hennepin County Minnesota

Expert Response

It is a little difficult for me to see all details in the photo. Is there any webbing that you see around the needles? When did you first see these changes begin? Have you noticed any worms or larvae feeding on the needles? Is the problem only occurring on the ends of branches where new growth is, or is there some damage on old and new needles? It is possible that you are seeing damage from spruce budworm larvae. They like several types of spruce trees. They typically begin to become active in May, but this could have been a bit later this year due to the weather. Spruce needle miner is another pest that may have caused similar damage as well. Do you see any holes at the bases of the needles? See here for typical problems for spruce trees and see if the description of budworm or needle miner damage, or other causes listed, are consistent with the damage your trees have. See the documents below for information about needle miner and control options. See the following publication for more information about spruce budworm and control. It may help to consult with a certified arborist to confirm what is going on with your trees, or see if your city has a forester that consults with home owners. If you choose to use pesticides to treat your problem once the cause is confirmed, the following website can provide more information about selection and safe use.
Rebecca Passi Replied 2014-07-08 04:37:43

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