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soil testing #191232

Asked June 14, 2014, 8:27 PM EDT

HelloI am considering purchasing a lot in Glen Arbor MI, in the Homestead Resort.  The lot is located near one of their onsite sewage system spray fields.  I am hoping if you could advise me as to any issues I should be aware of  related to being close to the spray field.  I would like to have the soil tested in a few different locations on the lot for elevated ecoli levels. Does MSU have any extensions sites near Traverse City  I could have this done at?  Thank you for your time.

Leelanau County Michigan

Expert Response

Thank you for using Ask an Expert. It would be best to contact the lab at MSU for recommendations on how to test your soil for ecoli. The web site is There is a link for the email of the manager of the lab on that page. The normal soil test that homeowners have done will not include the kind of results you are looking for. Because a permit has been given (I looked it up) and the State of Mi is getting more and more careful of protecting our natural resources if you purchase the lot be conscious of and practice methods of good soil health. Lots of information can be found at under the topic Smart Soil.
Marcia Lucas Replied June 15, 2014, 1:36 PM EDT

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