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***It seems I can only up... #186610

Asked May 29, 2014, 10:32 PM EDT

***It seems I can only upload one photo at a time, which has led me to sending this question to you experts five times. I am sorry!*** Greetings, I have a question regarding blackberry propagation methods. It seems that my blackberry bush has starting spreading into potted containers. I have attached some photos in hopes of obtaining a positive id on the growths in my spinach containers. All of the photos are labeled in the upper left hand corner. I have color coded key areas to highlight specific growths. Photo 1 shows the two spinach containers. Highlighted in red and blue are areas of growth that are not spinach which to me look like the beginnings of blackberry primocanes. Photo 2 is a closeup of the red highlighted area from photo 1. Photo 3 is a closeup of the blue highlighted area from photo 1. Notice the "pinkish white" powder in the center of the leaf clusters in photo 3. Photo 4 shows the blackberry bush, complete with second year floricanes and the beginning growth of primocanes. The blackberry bush is about 10 feet to the left of the potted spinach containers (not pictured) Photo 5 shows a closeup of what I believe are the primocanes. They look identical to the growth appearing in the spinach containers. Notice the "pinkish white" powder in the center of the leaf clusters How the heck is this happening? Is there a chance in airborne propagation? Thank you in advance, Joe C Manalapan, NJ

Monmouth County New Jersey

Expert Response

What you have here in the only picture that came through is not Blackberry Primo cane. The veinage is not deep enough for blackberry. and the leaf set is not in the typical set of three that your fruit is known for.  I looked at Lambs quarters and Garlic Mustard as probable culprit for the reseeding of your containers but cannot come up with a close enough match.  Definitely a weed but which one is up for grabs.  they both have the triangular scalloped leaf but in different color ranges.

By the way the powdery substance looks like powdery mildew at the petiole base of the leaves shown in your picture.

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Jim Harrow Replied May 31, 2014, 2:48 PM EDT

Thank you for the response. I have just started my foray into the wonderful world of home gardening and your knowledge on the matter is greatly appreciated. 

Upon closer inspection of my blackberry bush, I now realize that the weed you have pointed out is indeed not a primocane at all. I have identified the primocanes and removed what looks to me to be Lambs Quarters. 

Thank you, and all the best.


The Question Asker Replied May 31, 2014, 9:29 PM EDT

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