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Hi I've just noticed that... #177489

Asked April 27, 2014, 10:43 AM EDT

Hi I've just noticed that our new growth to grapevines have herbicide injury by viewing the photos you have shown. We haven't used any bug killer other than a little soap and water which was used recently. But the damage was done without spraying them. What can we do?

Maricopa County Arizona

Expert Response

Hello,Thank you for using the Ask the Expert feature on eXtension!  Do you have pictures of the vines that I can see?  Sometimes soap and water can burn tender shoot tips if it gets really hot before the solution dries, and that can end up looking like herbicide damage.  Where are the vines located in your yard?  If you live in a community with lawn and garden service, it might be possible to have herbicide injury from drift of the chemical.  When vines have herbicide damage, it is important that they are not stressed - so be sure that you give them some extra fertilizer so that they will "grow" out of the damage that has happened.  We had this happen to some of our peach trees in a research project, and it was amazing what some extra nitrogen fertilizer did to bring them out of the damage.  I hope that helps, and if you have a chance, I would love to see some pictures. Take care!
Mercy Olmstead Replied May 02, 2014, 11:13 AM EDT

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