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Asked April 15, 2014, 4:24 PM EDT

how to bait tiny ants

Monmouth County New Jersey

Expert Response

I am using the following response that was posted by Whitney Cranshaw that states exactly what I would state!
It is useful to identify the kinds of ants we are discussing, so do try to get them identified first. This information is useful to know since it can tell you where the ants may be nesting, what sorts of foods they like, and whether they are structural pests (e.g., carpenter ants). Much of this you can get from the CSU fact sheet on Ants in the Home:

In general, ant control in the home usually involves two things. The first is eliminating access to food and water that the ants are using. This is done by keeping susceptible items out of reach (e.g., sealing, refrigeration), fixing water leaks, etc.

The second thing is to use a bait with an insecticide that the ants will pick up and return to the colony. The type of bait that is best is largely determined by what kind of ant you are talking about: some like sweets, while other like more oily products. Various toxicants can be used, but all are slow acting so they do not immediately kill ants, but rather kill ants back in the colony; possibly eliminating the colony in a few weeks if they work optimally. Myriad toxicants are used with boric acid/borax being the common product for homemade baits . (It is also found in many prepared baits.) Baits containing fipronil are generally used by pest control operators and this material is found in some over-the-counter baits in the form of a gel.

I think most of what you want is in the fact sheet.
David Shetlar Replied April 16, 2014, 5:38 PM EDT

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