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Backyard grown grape vines #175202 - Ask Extension


Backyard grown grape vines #175202

Asked April 15, 2014, 1:33 PM EDT

Am I permitted to grow grape vines in my backyard? 
If so, do I need to check soil PH level?  If so, can you provide me a soil consultant to do,it and how much would it cost me? Thank you.

Greenville County South Carolina

Expert Response

Yes, you may grow certain types of grapes (muscadine grapes do well here) in your backyard, unless local covenants should prevent it.  Also, grapes, like any fruit crop require full sun (more than 6 hours per day) and well draining soil to succeed.  See the fact sheets below from Clemson's Home & Garden Information Center ( for more information about growing grapes.

 It would be a good idea to have your soil tested.  It is fairly easy to do and you could do it yourself.  (I'm not aware of any soil consultants, but any good landscaper could take the sample for you.)   You can submit soil samples through the local Clemson Extension office, the Greenville County office's address is in my signature below.  The cost is $6.00 per sample.  See the fact sheet below for instructions on soil sampling.  

Bunch Grapes fact sheet:

Muscadine Grapes fact sheet:

Soil testing instructions: 

I hope this helps,

S. Cory Tanner Replied April 22, 2014, 9:40 AM EDT

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