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Are The United States' Refineries Falling Behind in Rainwater Harvesting? #168491

Asked March 01, 2014, 3:45 AM EST

Dear All, 

     I posted a previous inquiry, as follows for which I didn't receive enough comments and feedback thereon: 

(Scaling up rainwater harvesting techniques for application on industrial sites.) 

    Then I thought I better rearrange my original question in a way to target an industry prone to water usage, especially needing a lot of demineralised water for its production purposes, such as boiler feed-water, closed cooling circuits and the like, since rainwater is the best candidate for feeding demineralised water conditioning units, due to a low TDS; being almost pure with less than 10 mg/L of TDS. 

    As a result, I thought I better search via googling for  "Rain water harvesting in the US refineries," since there are much activities going on in the United States, in the field of rainwater harvesting. 

    Googling's results might be erring, but to my surprise, there aren't any top results for any US's refinery, but few results for Indian ones, however, the India's name was not  included on the search topic, mentioned before (link provided below, after my name.) 

    Scaling up rainwater harvesting techniques to those industries needing demineralised  water in their processes, will probably well pay off, in comparison to using normal water, with much higher TDS, as a feed to dimineralised water conditioning units, needed in many industries, worldwide.

Best regards,

Mashallah Ali-Ahyaie


Harris County Outside United States

Expert Response

In general, US oil refineries are in locations where water is plentiful and cheap.  There is little economic motivation to work on water conservation strategies.  In the few areas where the water harvesting might be of some help, the industry has not changed the way they do business.
Frank Wideman Replied March 07, 2014, 2:33 PM EST

Hello Frank,
    Thanks for your comment. Rainwater harvesting is not considered only in arid lands. Refineries located in places with plenty of water, have to pay for the cost of water anyway. The decision of adopting rainwater harvesting on any industrial site needs a thorough feasibility study though. How about US power plants, in which demineralized water is required as boiler feed water. You may kindly also consider my comments on the following link:


The Question Asker Replied March 07, 2014, 2:53 PM EST
You're right of course.  US industries have resisted on economic reasoning, how ever misguided it may be.  
Frank Wideman Replied March 07, 2014, 3:33 PM EST

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