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Dried pod like thing #167826

Asked February 23, 2014, 7:38 PM EST

I have a Purple Robe locust that have locust borer problems, which I'm trying to treat. I was just looking at the tree and noticed these dried pod like things hanging from the tree. They are only about an inch in length and they seem attached by a white web like substance. I pulled one off and tried to break open. There was a white substance inside. Do you know what this is and should I be worried about it? I also saw one or two on my Japanese maple.

Bernalillo County New Mexico

Expert Response

What you have is the silky bag of a bagworm.  This time of the year the bags are either empty or full of eggs to re-infest the tree next year.  While very common here in Missouri, I understand they are fairly uncommon in MN.  Picking the bags off is a recommended control.  Especially since the next brood is overwintering in the bags of the female and getting ready to hatch with warm weather.  On a large tree, removing the bags can be a big problem.  

The New Mexico State Extension service has a couple of documents that give you the basic information to work through your control measures.  The second one has really good pictures for you to compare to your situation.

Bagworms Becoming More Common in Northern New Mexico

Frank Wideman Replied February 27, 2014, 1:55 PM EST

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