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Replacing a Toulouse Goose Mate #167501

Asked February 20, 2014, 12:01 PM EST

WE had a pair of Toulouse Geese living in the river at our home - the female was killed by what we think is a coyote or small fox - the male is now alone and we have captured him and he is now living in a pen with two water ducks and several chickens and a rooster - he has adjusted very well, but we want to know about getting him another mate - how do we go about this and is it wise to do so?

Adams County Outside United States

Expert Response

First of all, I am sorry to hear that you lost a bird.  That is never a good experience.  Next, I recommend separating the chickens from all of your waterfowl as soon as possible because combining mulitple avian species together is a bad management practice.  Waterfowl can be natural hosts for viruses that can kill chickens (for example: Avian Influenza).  Separating these two species at all times is HIGHLY recommended in any biosecurity program for a small flock (or a flock of any size actually).  As for selecting a new mate, yes, this is a possibility.  If you are able to find a female goose of the same breed, then gradually introduce them to one another.  They will sort out if they choose to mate and pair bond with one another.  Before introducing any new bird to your flock, they need to stay in quarantine, with no contact with any of your birds, for a minimum of 3 weeks to be sure that they are not sick.  Quaratine mean physical separation from the rest of your flock as well as being cared for at the end of your daily routine.  Never go back to caring for the rest of your flock after coming into contact with your quaratine birds or you could easily carry someting from your quarantined birds to the rest of your flock (you will need separate equipment too).  You could even start with goslings that you raise separately from all of your adult birds.  When they are of adult size and you have allowed their immune systems to mature (which will take 9-10 months preferrably), you can then allow the goslings to join the adult male.  You can buy sexed waterfowl so that the male has several females to choose from.  I hope that this informaiton helps you to make a more educated decision about the next step that you take with your flock.
Brigid McCrea Replied February 21, 2014, 11:58 AM EST

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