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Can tires be used for ero... #166662

Asked February 12, 2014, 12:17 AM EST

Can tires be used for erosion control along the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay to reclaim and protect property? I have heard of it being used as a type of bulkhead or riprap. I would want to grow vegetation from it to make it look nice. (I have seen it on a property near the mouth of the Nanticoke a few years ago. But those tires just seemed to be thrown in along the shoreline.)  If it is allowable to use tires, what is the proper way to use them? I would imagine that they would need to be packed with dirt or mud and stacked in a sloping position.
Thank You. Dana

Hamilton County Maryland

Expert Response

You did not mention what county you are in and you may have to contact several agencies to find an answer. Below are some sources and links with contact information:
You can begin by contacting your County Planning Office;  
MD Dept of Natural Resources shore erosion control;  and Shoreline Erosion, MDE Wetlands and Waterways

My mistake. We are on the Monie Creek in Somerset County.
Thank You
The Question Asker Replied February 12, 2014, 10:39 AM EST
Please contact the Planning Office in your County and look at the above links for your specific region.

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