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Emergent Vegetation Establishment #164467

Asked January 17, 2014, 4:04 PM EST

I am try to re-establish shoreline/emergent vegetation in a 15 acrea lake in Northeast Texas.  The lake lost almost all its vegetation when we stocked Triploid Grass Carp to control moss.  But now there is no vegetation in the water and some ofor the banks have exposed mud. That has resulted in soil erosion, muddy water, and has negatively impacted the fish population.
We used to have various grasses and rushes that grew on the banks and in shallow water.  What is the best way to re-establish this vegetation? Is there a seeding option that works? What type of vegetation would you recommend?  Would spike rush be a good option?

Thanks so much for your help

Hopkins County Texas

Expert Response

Reestablishing the plant population on the banks might have some challenges depending on the inclination of the bank. There are method (hydroseeding for example) that uses elements to attach the seeds to the soils in inclined slopes to stop erosion. Grasses (Rye grass, Bahia grass) and some legumes are often used for hydroseeding. If you have plans to graze the banks with horses of cattle, you might want to use Bahia grass to populate the bank. Another option is using Sericia (an introduced legume) to graze goats on the bank. I hope this helps, 
Mario Villarino Replied January 24, 2014, 9:40 AM EST

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