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Vineyard lease- land lease #162501

Asked December 18, 2013, 9:25 AM EST

We have a failing pear orchard in Southern Oregon (Jacksonville). We are faced with the prospect of having to take down the orchard and are looking for agriculture alternatives. We have been contacted by a vineyard lessee interested in putting in a vineyard. I am looking for information concerning standard lease terms in this AVA (rent per acre, etc.). If you have any input or other ideas (alternative crops or grants to convert crops) it would be appreciated.

Jackson County Oregon

Expert Response

I am the viticulturist at SOREC.
You can contact me at for more details.
Rent per acre varies of location and acreage. You have to think that the big operators are looking for big blocks and at least 20 years lease contract. I don't know exactly your location. To have a vineyard, it will cost you between 10-20K per acre initial investment depending on how much labor work you want to put into it by yourself. You might borrow money from USDA with low interest.
I don't know any specific grant program that can help you.
Regarding lease there is not a standard agreement. You might contact an attorney to assist in your best interest.
If you think that your site is really suitable for growing grapes you can negotiate better terms.
If you are not interested in grapes, I can forward your inquiry to small farms program at SOREC to help with alternatives crops.
Dr. Balint, SOREC

Gabriel Balint Replied December 18, 2013, 9:25 PM EST

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