Am I covered by an ACA policy if I need health care outside my state? #162398 - Ask Extension


Am I covered by an ACA policy if I need health care outside my state? #162398

Asked December 16, 2013, 1:52 PM EST

Most of the health insurance providers in policies for 25 year olds limit providers to local areas or at best to Michigan providers.  What happens if you are injured or sick on a trip out of state of move to another state for work mid-year?

Kent County Michigan

Expert Response

A representative said that you must apply to enroll in the Marketplace in the state that you claim as your primary residence. If you live in more than one state in a calendar year, but do not permanently move, or if you work in one state and reside in another, you need health insurance that offers multi-state coverage.

Multi-state plans offer the same comprehensive health coverage as a single-state plan. However, this coverage allows you the flexibility to receive care where you need it in multiple states. Before you enroll, it is a good idea to verify with the insurance company that the multi-state plan you select has provider networks in the states where you need coverage.

If you are concerned about coverage when traveling, be sure to contact that health insurance company to verify that they provide such coverage. Each policy is different so be sure to read the fine print!
Wanda Roberts Replied December 17, 2013, 3:35 PM EST

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