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corporation request #161555

Asked December 02, 2013, 4:09 AM EST

Dear, Sir. Hello. I am a director general of a company which is working in the field of a Beekeeping and honey producing from Iran. we have done some researches in two parts: 1- taking the patent & the production of black eye treatment cream which is made from honey 2- the research about the medical effects of Propolis besides, we have the license of the importation of Bee Queen of 2 races: Breeder Queen and Carnica based on the aforesaid info, I have some questions: 1- would you please let me know if your bees are protected against the VAARROA? 2- How much is your honey taken from your Queen bees? 3- Is it possible for you to send me a pro forma? it is remarquable that, we are going to buy your beekeeping research and production equipment and receive your export in the neighboring countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Emirates etc. I'm looking forward to your response sincerely Mohammad Ansari

Lenawee County Michigan

Expert Response

Mr. Ansari,

Was there a specific person or organization you were trying to reach with your questions? Please let me know who you were trying to reach, and I will get your message to them.
Bob Bertsch Replied December 05, 2013, 9:47 AM EST

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