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Glossary System? #160180

Asked November 11, 2013, 5:37 PM EST

Hi There Is there a set system to develop a CoP glossary? I see that many make a page for a term, tagging with "glossary". Is it a regular "article" page? Is this a good system? Or are we better off just creating one page for all terms? Or... Thanks Sue

Windham County Vermont

Expert Response

Hi Sue,

This was a left over from the Wiki days in which CoPs did create a glossary of terms to link their articles to.   However, that is not a practice we suggest now.  We don't have a overall glossary for eXtension that it goes back to.  

If there are industry specific terms, sometimes it's best to create an article that is something like "common terms in the farm energy science" which is more an article that may give a user an idea how they would be used in the context of your subject.

Example: "Contracts may refer to a person as lessee, renter, or responsible party" - these terms mean XXX.  

You can also simple link popular terms in an article to a source (that you validate) and make it a hyperlink in an article rather then worry about a glossary.

Some communities still use them, but they are not good in general as a page with a single term and definition in terms of Google juice.

Amy Hays Replied November 11, 2013, 8:06 PM EST

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